FORUM Zagreb provides you the opportunity to achieve different celebrations in a unique and unrepeatable way

The flexibility of the conference halls permits the organization of various social or private celebrations in FORUM Zagreb, besides business events. Our team is at your disposal if you want to celebrate a birthday party, baptism, communion, wedding or any other ceremony you want to celebrate with your loved ones in the cozy atmosphere filled with details of your choice.

In FORUM Zagreb you will find 3 meeting halls for social or family celebrations:

Zemlji hall – up to 150 people
Slovo hall- up to 100 people
Zemlji + Slovo hall – up to 250 people

FORUM Zagreb Congress Centre
RORAIMA 5 d.o.o.
OIB 31324250496 / MB 2743396
ID HR-B-01-31324250496
Radnička cesta 50 - centar Green Gold
10000 Zagreb
Tel: +385 1 286-7777
Fax: +385 1 286-7770
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FORUM Zagreb Congress Centre
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