Ljude hall

Ljude hall is an excellent choice for larger workshops, seminars or small conferences


ljudeLjude (people) hall is located on the southwest side of the congress center, it is rectangular and its size is size of 148m2. Ljude is great for somewhat larger groups and workshops or smaller conferences, because it can be easily converted into a classroom or an auditorium auditorium display, and there are large windows on its southern side. Depending on the requirements of the event, it can accommodate from 45 people in U shape, up to 138 people in auditorium setting.

OBLIK U postav Radne skupine Učionica Kino Kvadratura
DVORANA osoba osoba osoba osoba osoba osoba
LJUDE 45 72 90 138 130 90 148

EQUIPMENT (included in the price of hall):
• Panel (flipchart)
• Whiteboard
• Projection screen
• Wireless Internet

For a complete offer of audiovisual equipment and services go to our section on Services.

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