Az hall

Az hall is the optimal solution for training, seminars or and professional workshops for groups of up to 58 people



Az is the first letter of the Glagolitic alphabet, it is used to write the “A” sound and it means the sound  A, meaning “I” and its numerical value is one. That is the reason why the sequence of FORUM Zagreb halls begins with this hall. Az hall is located on the southeastern side of the congress center, it is square-shaped, with a size of 79m2. Depending on the requirements of the event, it can accommodate from 28 people in U shape, up to 58 people in auditorium setting.

SHAPE U postav Radne skupine Učionica Kino Size
HALL capacity capacity capacity capacity
AZ 28 36 43 58 79

EQUIPMENT (included in the price of hall):
• Panel (flipchart)
• Whiteboard
• Projection screen
• Wireless Internet

For a complete offer of audiovisual equipment and services go to our section on Services.

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